How to create a Freedom Mindset

Have you ever asked yourself what “freedom” means to you?

I never gave it much attention. I never really thought about freedom. I was born in a western country and I did not know any better than I could travel to other countries. I could vote, I could speak out loud and I could do what I wanted.

It wasn’t till I travelled through South Asia and Africa that I started realising that freedom is not a given. 

But what does it mean to have a freedom mindset?

I’d like you to think about that for a few minutes.
✅“How would you describe a freedom mindset for yourself?”
✅What difference would a freedom mindset make to your life/ in your life?
✅What would it allow you to do, to be or to have?
✅Would it allow you to have the job you’ve always wanted?
✅To move to a different place?
✅Maybe to travel?

So often I work with clients who have dreams but because of several reasons they don’t believe their dreams can come true. They might feel they’re not good enough, they don’t deserve their dreams, they are worried what others might think or they believe their dreams are too big and therefor not for them.

From a young age I have always chased my dreams. I believed that if I wanted something bad enough the universe would help me. And it has always worked out that way. 

For many people, when you ask them about freedom often they go straight to earning enough or lots of money. A freedom mindset to me is so much more than financial freedom though. It is the freedom to make my own choices, to chase my own dreams, to follow my gut instinct. To live life on my own terms.

To not having to worry what others might have to say, to really live from a place of authenticity and connection with myself. 

What do you need to create a freedom mindset?

First of all you’ll need to define what a freedom mindset means to you. What do you believe about a freedom mindset? How you would describe it?

And you can go specific there. Think about how you do a “freedom mindset”. Where and how you would sense this in your body, how would you picture a freedom mindset, what story would you tell yourself. What would a freedom mindset allow you to do?

Once you know exactly and specifically what a freedom mindset means to you, you can start looking at what you believe about this freedom mindset. Do you believe you can have this mindset? What objections do you feel coming up? Maybe you feel this mindset is out of your reach. Maybe you think you’re not good enough. 

Do you have permission to create and have this freedom mindset?

If this is where you get stuck, reach out so together we can explore and work towards creating a freedom mindset for you. So you can start living life on your own terms.

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Wander Believing in yourself because you matter!!

You are here to make a difference. You are part of something bigger.

Maybe entrepreneurship is not for you and that is absolutely okay.

But no matter what you do, no matter what your dreams are, believe in yourself and all the beauty you have to share 😘