Are you charging what you’re worth or what you feel comfortable with?

One of the biggest barriers that entrepreneurs come up against is setting their prices  and feeling confident charging what they or their work is worth.

This usually happens due to fear of not getting clients or comparison with someone charging cheaper.

Whenever you feel tempted to charge less than your worth, use these tips to get take charge of your worth.

Understand your value:

Spend some time, preferably with someone who can help you, to really assess and understand the true value you provide for your clients.

Don’t be the person doing it cheaper:

It’s that straight forward! Make that decision and stick with it. It may be hard but it’s worth it.

Work for the right clients:

Are your current or target clients able to afford your worth? If not try targeting people who can.

Eliminate limiting beliefs:

What limiting beliefs are getting in the way of your success? Write them down. Reach out to me to help you overcome these.