Individual (Life & Business) Coaching

Are you ready to unlock your full potential? Experience the transformative power of individual coaching tailored specifically to you. Through personalised one-on-one sessions, I will provide you with dedicated support, guidance, and strategies to help you achieve your unique goals and aspirations. Whether you’re seeking personal growth, career advancement, or improved well-being, I am here to empower you. Together, we will overcome obstacles, gain clarity, and take decisive action. With focused attention, accountability, and motivation, we will make meaningful progress and create lasting positive change in all areas of your life. Start your journey today and discover the extraordinary results that individual coaching can bring.

Transform your life with Life coaching

As a life coach, I am dedicated to helping you unlock your true potential and create the life you truly desire. Through personalised sessions, I will guide you in clarifying your goals, identifying and overcoming obstacles, and developing effective strategies for success.

With my unwavering support, you will gain valuable insights, overcome challenges, and make meaningful changes in all areas of your life.

My life coaching approach empowers you to enhance your self-awareness, cultivate positive habits, improve relationships, and achieve a fulfilling and balanced life.

Embark on your transformational journey today and experience the profound impact that life coaching can have on your personal growth and overall happiness. Together, we will unlock your true potential and create a life that brings you joy and fulfillment.

Unleash your business potential with Business Coaching

As a business coach, I understand the struggles and challenges that business owners face on their entrepreneurial journey.

If you find yourself grappling with self-doubt, lack of confidence, or overwhelming decision-making, I am here to guide you towards unlocking your true potential. Through personalised coaching sessions, I will empower you to build confidence, cultivate a growth mindset, and make strategic choices that drive your business forward.

Together, we will clarify your vision, set achievable goals, and develop a tailored action plan to achieve them. With my guidance, accountability, and unwavering support, you will navigate complexities, leverage your strengths, and overcome limitations. Embrace the transformative power of my business coaching and experience the profound impact it can have on your confidence, decision-making, and overall business success. Let’s unlock your business potential and achieve remarkable results together.

How Do I Know if Coaching is Right for Me?

Determining if coaching is the right fit for you is an important consideration in your personal growth and development journey.

The decision involves understanding the unique benefits and approach of coaching. Coaching provides a supportive and collaborative partnership between you and a trained professional, focusing on your goals, aspirations, and challenges. It is a dynamic process that empowers you to unlock your potential, gain clarity, and take actionable steps towards your desired outcomes. If you are seeking guidance, motivation, and accountability in making positive changes, coaching can be a valuable tool. Through active listening, powerful questioning, and tailored strategies, coaches help you navigate obstacles, explore new perspectives, and foster self-discovery. If you are ready to invest in your personal and professional growth, and are open to engaging in a proactive and empowering process, coaching may be the ideal pathway for you to unlock your full potential and achieve meaningful transformation.

“I run a small business and needed some assistance to help me reach my goals, realise my full potential and learn how to break down barriers I had given myself long ago. Sietske was able to guide me through a series of exercises that have allowed me to successfully move forward. A positive change in mindset, offering different perspectives and out of the box thinking are things you can expect while undertaking coaching with Sietske.

Sietske has an inspiring story and a professional background to be admired, I would have no hesitation in recommending her services for anyone looking to grow personally and professionally.”

Jennifer Benson

Owner & Founder, The Kindness Project

You gave me permission to give myself permission to be ME again.

I can never repay you for the gift you’ve given me.


“I am so pleased with the coaching sessions I completed with Sietske!  After only three meetings, I feel I am on my way to achieving the goals I started with.  I especially appreciated her creative visualisations and unique approach to coaching.  The sessions ended up being about so much more than my career growth so that I can now see how interconnected my personal growth is to my career outcomes.  I’d highly recommend Sietske to anyone who feels stuck or limited and is unsure why”.

Kelsey Hendrickson

Owner & Yoga Teacher, The Space Within Yoga