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How to find a good coach

how to find a good coach

I love long distance hiking. This was me on the Dutch Pieterpad. A 450 km long hiking trail from the north to the south of The Netherlands.

There are so many “coaches” out there – some with plenty of qualifications and some with only life experience.

If you are looking for someone who…

  • Has business and life experience as well as qualifications
  • Is committed to helping you achieve your desired results
  • Combines fun and professionalism
  • Is reliable
  • Is results-focused
  • Will empower you to solve your own problems

Then look no further.

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With so many different (mental health) professions and therapies out there, it’s easy to get lost. That’s why I have written a blog post about Coaching vs Other Professions, outlining the difference between Psychiatry, Psychology, Counselling, Coaching and a few others.

Coaching general

Online and Confidential

All my coaching programs are done online via Zoom.  This allows you to be in the comfort of your own home and save travel time.  It also allows me to wander the globe and still be there for you!


As a professional coach I am registered with the ICF (International Coaching Federation). You can read more about my qualifications and experience on the About me page. 

Coaching modalities

I use a combination of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Meta-Stating, Neuro-Semantics coaching and therapy techniques.

ICF associate certified coach
NLP Australia

Over the years I have helped women from all different backgrounds who felt unhappy, lonely, lost and who struggled with low self-confidence and low self-worth, to find their passion again, build their confidence, change their course and start living life from their authentic selves. (You can read some of their reviews on my website.)

My coaching is based on my own life- and business experience combined with a professional background in the coaching & therapy industry but most important; it comes from a place of authenticity, love and passion.

“I am so pleased with the coaching sessions I completed with Sietske!  After only three meetings, I feel I am on my way to achieving the goals I started with.  I especially appreciated her creative visualisations and unique approach to coaching.  The sessions ended up being about so much more than my career growth so that I can now see how interconnected my personal growth is to my career outcomes.  I’d highly recommend Sietske to anyone who feels stuck or limited and is unsure why”.

Kelsey Hendrickson

Owner & Yoga Teacher, The Space Within Yoga

mental health coaching and counselling

Coaching Process, as easy as 1,2,3..

1. Book a FREE Wander call

We will discuss what you are wanting to achieve, anything you may be struggling with, what you are looking for in a coaching relationship and I will outline what your personal coachingplan/roadmap may look like.

Let’s see if we are the right fit for each other and get clear on expectations.

2. Your personal 1:1 transformational coaching program

Together we will create your personal coaching plan so you can reach your goal.

Your own roadmap, not only outlining what you want to overcome, want to change but also what you need in order to start wandering with purpose and start living a happy and meaningful life.

This is where the magic happens.

3. Keep Wandering

Life never stops changing. You may feel you want some ongoing support and accountability for when things come up as they inevitably do.

You can maintain the coaching magic with this Keep Wandering Program.

You will get 1 fully customised session every 2-4 weeks. This will give you accountability, support and guidance when you need it.

They say “investing in yourself is the best investment you’ll ever make.”

“But,” can I hear you think, “how will I see a return on this investment?” “What will it gain me?”
I totally get you. Investing by itself can be scary, overwhelming, something you have to think about. You might even have a troubling relationship with money making it even harder to invest in yourself.

I’d like you to think about and focus on the benefits and what it will gain you when you start living that happy and meaningful life you long for. Think about how your life will change, what new opportunities and possibilties will arise.

What will happen if you have the confidence to break free from your past, break free from those limiting beliefs that were holding you back?