How often are you on auto-pilot and assume things have to happen a certain way?


Auto-pilot: amazing method of direction for airplanes on a 12-hour flight, not so amazing for you in your daily life.

Raise your hand if you ever got in your car and ended up at a destination without remembering how you got there?

Have you ever ended up at the wrong destination because you weren’t actively managing your route, your mind was elsewhere?

I’m certainly guilty of this, and I bet you are too. 
We get into habits. 
Patterns become familiar. 

Our glorious brains, in an effort to conserve energy, start to execute these patterns subconsciously because they assume they are doing us a favor.

We likewise assume many things about what our clients want, how things should be done in our business or life, just because we’ve always done them that way.

BUT what if you want to go somewhere different?
What if those patterns and habits aren’t necessarily in alignment with your goals?
What if you never stop to question where you were going, or why, or if there was a better way?

The truth is our assumptions, our habits, and our autopilot mechanisms all create blind spots in our business and our lives. We don’t know what exists outside of these patterns and assumptions we’ve been living with. 

We may even start to suspect there’s something else, something different, something better…. But we don’t know where to look. 

I love to question these assumptions, and help you discover if there truly IS a better way, and what that path looks like. 

I don’t believe you WANT to live your life on auto-pilot; I believe you want to take control and have confidence in knowing you’re headed in the direction of your goals. 

If you’re ready to question assumptions you’ve made that are keeping you stuck on repeat, let’s chat!