Hands up if this is you:

“I am not happy in my job but I have no idea what I do want to do.”

Do you recognise this feeling? You’ve got a job but you don’t feel happy about it. You are not sure what it is you don’t like or what gives you this unsteady feeling but you know this job is not what you want. You are good at what you do, you have great colleagues but still you feel unhappy with your job.

Unhappy with your job

Job happiness

Job happiness, what does this actually mean? Is this possible? And what do you need to be happy with your job instead of unhappy.

It might have been a longtime dream to work for this company, you might have studied a long time to learn these skills, you moved to the other side of the country or even to a different country because you were head hunted or you might have just worked you way up with blood, sweat and tears. And now that you are here it is not at all what you were expecting or hoped for. But what to do instead? How do you work out what you TRULY want to do? Do you feel stuck and are worried you’re just going to make the same mistake again? 


Dissatisfaction with job

Would it surprise you if I told you that you are not the only one?

That so many people have a sense of dissatisfaction when it comes to their job. Not feeling satisfied with what their job has to offer. 

I know this feeling too. I used to work as a truck driver many years ago and my job was to deliver supplies to supermarkets. It was me who was on the road all day, being familiar with traffic jams, which roads to avoid certain times of the day, when the supermarket managers would arrive and open up but also where to get the best coffee.

Our planning was put together by someone who was in an office all day, with no understanding of what it was out there on the road. Our planning was purely based on ideas of how many kms we could cover in a certain time, without taking into account how busy it would be on the road.


My job makes me miserable

And that’s what happened. After a while I started to feel miserable. This started to lead to going to work without any enthusiasm, feeling tired all day and running out of energy. It also started to effect me on a physical level. I started to feel anxious about going to work, nervous about what the planner would have to say and my lack of concentration started to effect my driving.

No one would listen to me when the planner would complain, again, that I couldn’t make a delivery in time.

I started sensing that I could do something better and different. I had better ideas on how to create a more efficient planning but no one would listen. It was time to find a different job, or wasn’t it…


Unhappiness at work

My unhappiness at work only got worse and it was right there and then that I started thinking of starting my own business and becoming my own boss, so I would no longer have to listen to other people making decision and telling me how to do my job. I started to recognise the things that were truly important to me and listened to this feeling. By doing this I was able to break the loop and break free from a pattern which had kept me stuck in jobs that only made me feel unhappy. Instead of finding a different job I listened to my gut and started focusing my energy into a different direction. 


I have no idea what to do with my life

I am unhappy

When we are disconnected from our authentic self, from our true passion, from what drives us in life we will start feeling unhappy in many areas of our lives. We find ourselves stuck and lost.

When it comes to our job we might think that a different study will help us to develop more or different skills and that will bring that satisfaction back for sure. Maybe if we just move to a different company with different colleagues we will feel more rewarded. But by doing this we keep ourselves in survival mode and all this does is escaping from where the real problem lies; being disconnected from our authentic self. 


Why am I never satisfied

Without taking action the loop will just continue. You will find a different job, it might give you some satisfaction for a while but then that feeling will start to creep in again. The feeling of not completely belonging, of not being able to shine, of feeling lost and stuck. So you will take another course, you apply for a different job but the unhappy feeling will keep haunting you.


How to find a job that makes you happy

Let’s take it back to where it all begins. With you!

What if you would not only have a clear picture of what kind of job you want that gives you satisfaction and joy. But also one that will energise you, every day, one that is rewarding, makes you jump out of bed in the morning, let’s you shine and sparkle and does not feel like working at all.

Let’s break the loop so you can see what’s beyond. It is time for you to re-connect with yourself again, with your true passion, with your authentic self. Because this will not only help you to find the job that makes you happy but it will open up so many other opportunities and possibilities in all areas of your life.