There are a few things I would like to share with you 🧡




Last year I felt lost. I sold my farming property, I sold my horse business and I went back to The Netherlands. Due to the border closures in Australia I wasn’t able to go back when I wanted to go back.

The expectations I had about being back in The Netherlands weren’t met and I ended up in a deep hole. From there I found myself stuck in survival mode, desperate trying EVERYTHING to get away from the numbing and depressing feeling. I would take on different projects and kept myself busy.

Convincing myself I was doing something I was enjoying, but all I was doing was finding distractions from how I was feeling.

Fast forward to 2022 → I have found my way back!

I have re-connected with my TRUE purpose, I am happy again, productive and operate from a place of calmness and authenticity.

I am living life on my OWN terms again.

Looking back I realised most of my clients feel lost as well. Lost in life, lost in their jobs or business. They’re unhappy and don’t know how to move forward in life. They feel unsuccessful, stuck, overwhelmed and struggle to find direction.

And the ONE thing they want is to start living a purposeful,

happy life, coming from a place of authenticity.

From this realisation the Wander with Purpose Project was born.

A new name for my coaching business. A name that resonates with me because it has so many different meanings en therefore reflects everything I stand for and believe in.

Over the next few months I’ll be sharing more exciting news and projects I have been working on in the background.

And I’ll be sharing tips on how you can start to Wander with Purpose yourself!

plan and change your life through coaching and counseling