You grab them with both hands right?

That sounds the natural thing to do but for me it was the total opposite.

For most part of my life when someone I didn’t know would start talking to me or when I had to enter a group of people (like walking into a cafe) I would turn around and run. Or hide behind my phone or start staring out of the window.

There was no way I would start a conversation with someone I didn’t know. The fear of being rejected, of not being good enough to fit in was so strong I lived in isolation. Whenever I could I would hide behind my ‘skills face’ so if I had to talk to people I would do it as me the business person but no way they would get to see the person behind that face.

Having done this from a young age I didn’t know any better and thought this was normal.

It wasn’t till I went through a coaching process myself, in which we went deep, that I discovered that this fear of not belonging and being rejected was something I had actually taught myself to do. 

As a kid I was being bullied for several years. My safe place was to stay away from other kids and groups of kids. That way I wouldn’t get rejected or being told I wasn’t good enough to hang out with them. Eventually I ended up going to a different school and made great friends and I forgot about the bullying. But my subconscious didn’t and kept ‘protecting’ me from groups.

So, back to reality and grabbing hold of opportunities!! 😍

Over the last few years I’ve worked very hard on changing my beliefs around groups. And this is not always easy, it’s bloody hard and scary work sometimes!

Yesterday was a SUPER PROUD moment when I was having breakfast in a little cafe in Sydney with my friend. 

🤩 I started a conversation with the guy sitting next to us,

🤩 I ended up talking to him for nearly an hour about our personal journeys of overcoming fears and pursuing your dreams (new personal record, and no ladies, he was happily married),

🤩 I told him I’d been to a business summit and when it had finished I felt that’s where I belong, on that stage, sharing my story and inspiring others,

🤩 He turned out to be a musician with a background in psychology from Adelaide who hosts a successful podcast,

🤩 He invited me to be a guest speaker on his show to share my story! 

So my message for today!!

It’s NEVER, I repeat NEVER too late to start believing in yourself, in everything you have to offer the world around you, to make an impact and inspire others!!

It’s NEVER too late to get rid off the fears that are holding you back in life!!

It’s NEVER too late to reclaim your powers!!

It’s NEVER too late to start Living Life on Your Own Terms!!