STOP doubting and START charging what you’re worth!

– Are you a talented business lady who struggles when it comes to charging?

– Do you find yourself frequently cutting your prices and accepting poorly paid work? Do you tell yourself that any work is better than none?

– Does fear take over when you even think about charging more?

– Are you feeling stressed because you don’t know if you can pay your bills this month?


One of the biggest barriers that us ladies come up against is setting our prices – and feeling confident charging what we or what our work/product is worth.

Today I would like to give you more insight and a few tips on how you can overcome this frustrating and limiting belief so you can confidently start charging what you’re worth.

Are you a talented business lady who struggles when it comes to charging? If so, fear not, you’re definitely not alone. I struggled with that too and it left me feeling frustrated, angry, stressed and wanting to quit.

Maybe you don’t really know your value or possibly you’re just not able to get your clients to understand the value you provide or maybe you have with a poverty mindset. There are many reasons why you might struggle to charge what you’re worth.

Let’s dive into it a little bit deeper.

You see people around you doing the same things as you but they are charging way more. It’s leaving you frustrated because you would like to charge just as much but you don’t feel you are as good as them therefor you are charging less.

But are you really?

  • If you’re good at what you do, don’t be afraid to totally own it. Stop making excuses as to why you’re not charging more, and get clear on why you SHOULD be charging more.
  • What journey have you been on to get you to where you currently are in business? What expertise have you accumulated? What has been the cost, in terms of finances, time and commitment?
  • Do you believe you’re good at what you do? You know more than your clients.
  • Show your clients what value you add to their lives, what difference you can make.
  • What makes you an expert?
  • Stop listening to people who say that they will never pay that much. They are not your ideal client, in fact, they will never be your client. As this point in life they don’t need your service or product hence they are not willing to pay for it. But when the need is there and people see the difference you can make in their lives, end their suffering and struggling or add absolute value to their lives, they are willing to pay whatever it takes.
  • Stop being modest and do what others do. It’s very easy to undervalue yourself which will make you look cheap and cheap can’t be good, right?
  • Maybe you’re focussing on the wrong clients. Have another good look at your niche and make sure they are willing to pay your price, if not, they are not your ideal niche!!
Believe You Are Worth It  Once you understand your unique value and know your client is willing to commit and pay for it, the only thing stopping you is your own belief system.

You have to believe in the value you offer and what that is worth to your clients before you can sell it. If you don’t believe you’re worth it, no one else will.

The truth is, if others are charging those prices, there’s no reason you can’t too. However, until you believe in yourself and your value, you won’t be able to sell it to your clients.

Believing your worth isn’t something that happens overnight. Many of my clients are struggling with this, so you’re not alone. I struggled with this too so I know where you’re coming from.

Be willing to invest in yourself and your business. Investing in yourself will help you flourish. Find the right people to support you on your journey. And remember, asking for help is a strength and not a weakness! It shows courage and commitment. Just imagine what difference it would make for you if you could finally start charging what you want to charge? That’s right.

If you’re ready, and you know you are, aren’t you, get in touch and together we will kick this limiting belief out of the way so you can confidently start believing your worth, start charging what you’re worth and start earning the money you want!